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New York Magazine New York Magazine- 2003

"If you don't believe there's such a thing as pure, unfussy (or un-greasy) Chinese home cooking, pay a visit to the M Shanghai Bistro & Den, on a quiet, leafy street in Williamsburg, where traditional Shanghainese dishes like green soy peas with tofu sheets are served to neighborhood hipsters sitting at communal tables made of lacquered pine."
New York Times New York Times- 2002

"M Shanghai is that rarest of birds: a so-called ethnic restaurant that is at once authentic and unmistakably American. It welcomes all equally and leaves them well fed."
Paper Magazine

Paper Magazine- 2002

When was the last time you looked good in a Chinese restaurant? At M there's not a fluorescent light in sight, just low, flattering illumination. Young Williamsburg locals gather around big family-style tables or perch on cherry-red stools at the bar, which is overhung with a series of lights resembling little miners' hats. Ambient music sets the tone, and downstairs is a red-hued den where DJs spin until 4am.

The name does not refer to James Bond's boss but to May Liu, the charming owner who runs the show, greetings, taking orders, fetching pretty Cosmopolitans and concocting a dipping sauce tableside for tasty, steamed seafood dumplings. Shanghai cuisine is ostensibly the focus, offering familiar items like spicy wontons and lo mien spiked with vegetables and shrimp. W

What sets M apart from standard Chinese places- in addition to the lighting, music, full bar and the groovy delivery man who reminded us of Richard Pryor in golf wear- are things like salmon hooded in soft tofu, "Freddy Mercury-style" meatballs with Chinese cabbage and brown sauce, so named because the singer's life was about taking chances. M, however, is a pretty sure thing.



'M' is for May Liu, the gracious owner of this authentic Shanghai lounge. There's something to be said for a Williamsburg bar that attracts more than hipsters. 'M' also stands for multifaceted, a priceless quality in this business. M just may be here until the next millennium.

There's a warm vibe and a yummy dumpling scent as you enter M Shanghai, which explains the chatty groups dining at long tables… add to the comfort of the surprisingly swanky den.

Time Out New York Time Out New York- 2002

"Exotic specialty drinks are well mixed (cocktails are half price on weekends from 2 to 4am), and Rheingolds are always $3. Don't miss the hangover-friendly dim sum brunch, served every Sunday…"
New York Daily News

New York Daily News- 2006

"Everything is just a little bit better there than it is anywhere else,"… "And when it's not, they fix it."

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